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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs Xtend?

Xtend is a North Island Te Ika-a-Māui event organized and run by Baptist Youth Ministries. It is in its 23rd year and has been directed by Merrilyn Withers (in conjunction with a great team of leaders) since 2001. We have a high ratio of leaders to campers, and leaders come from churches all around the North Island Te Ika-a-Māui. They are police vetted and keen to walk alongside and support the young people in their care.

Who is it for?


Merrilyn Withers

Xtend has a kingdom heart and is open to any young person within this age group to attend. It is designed for High School age Years 11-13, but if you're just outside this age bracket and reckon Xtend is for you, get in touch with us so we can discuss it further.

What does the cost include?

Your Xtend fee includes all meals, activities, programmes and a free time excursion on Thursday afternoon (movies / 10 pin bowling / swimming / laser strike / trampolining.) Although it's not necessary, you might want to bring a small amount of money for the Xtend Café coffees / hot chocolates, and to purchase some snacks for extra fuel!

What if my Youth Group aren't going?

You don't need to register with a Youth Group to come to Xtend. You can attend as an individual if you have the support of your Parent/Guardian & Youth Leader/Church to come.

What if I have Food Allergies or an Existing Medical Condition?

Just let us know when you register. We endeavor to cater for all dietary requirements - so please let us know on your registration form, and also if you have any other allergies we need to be aware of. If you have a medical condition we need to know about, just note it in your registration - we keep this information confidential, and will have medically trained people available to care for you in needed. 

What about COVID?

Xtend follows New Zealand Government guidelines with regard to COVID, and we request that you test negative if you have any symptoms before coming to Xtend. If you test positive at Xtend, we will need to isolate you and get you home to avoid spreading it at Xtend.

What if I have to leave early? Come late? Can't stay for the whole time?

Get in touch with us and let us know, we will work something out!

Can I come and go from Xtend?

Unless arranged prior, we expect campers to be present for all aspects of the programme so we know where you are at all times!

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