Xtenders 2019 Say

“Xtend was such an incredible week, and one of my personal highlights for the year.  I am so glad I went!

I experienced such a feeling of belonging, and a safe

space to discuss deep questions and share deep stuff.  God did amazing work in my heart and mind during Xtend!

Xtend really challenged me as to how I can work out

my faith into the lives of other people. Honestly, Xtend

is SO encouraging!!

I feel so renewed and more excited than ever to live for God, and relationships I made with others were an absolute highlight

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For more information talk to your youth leader, or send us a message.

COVID-19, What if?

COVID-19 has had quite an impact on 2020! And we want to assure you that we will be taking every precaution for an awesome and safe Xtend for everyone.  We are not anticipating any further disruptions this year, but should something unforeseen happen prior to the start of the event and we are not able to continue as planned with Xtend in 2020, we will make refunds for fees paid with the exception of a small fee to cover expenses that we are not able to transfer to 2021.  This will be no more than $20.